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What is LED Light Gaming Mouse Pad

Nowadays, more and more mouse pad users pursuit of high quality, good appearance of the gaming mouse pad. To meet their demand, mouse pad factory research and develop a new mouse pad ——LED gaming mouse pad, which can emit light when plugged in. And our kelida mouse pad factory also searches and develop and wholesale this kind mouse pad. Let me introduce our LED gaming mouse pad.


1. Large and Perfect Size: The size of 80*40*0.4CM will fit your desktop perfectly and provide perfect movement space. Applies to all types of keyboards and mice, providing plenty of room for professional gaming or office work.

2.Anti-slip Rubber Base: Smooth Microfiber cloth surface with Non-Slip rubber base ensures precise, accurate mouse control and consistent stability on your desk.

led light gaming mouse pad one

3. 9 Lighting Modes: Super Glow Fiber - Chroma customizable lighting provides a distinctive appearance, Choose from 9 lighting modes: red、 dark blue、yellow 、 green、pink、white、 ice blue、rainbow and breathing.

4. Smooth Microfiber Surface :Designed with Smooth Microfiber braided material, With a micro-textured, smooth surface, precise navigation and optimize your gaming experience.

smooth microfiber fabric for mouse